Our Contributors

Our Contributors

Cyn Armistead

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Cyn works in technical support and enjoys knitting, making music, stitching/designing counted-thread needlework, and volunteering. She reads a lot of science fiction/fantasy and non-fiction.

She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her life partner and their pets.

S.M. Lundberg

Ko-Fi | Twitter | Instagram

S.M. is basically just an all-around nerd who happily works as a customer support professional to fund her coffee habit and her reading, knitting, and fandom obsessions. She enjoys both nonfiction and fiction; her favorite genres are history, romance, science fiction, and fantasy, especially the parts of these genres that are inclusive and diverse.

S.M. lives in southeastern Virginia with her husband and four children.

Jane Smith

Jane is a placeholder contributor until others get up and running! But she’s a great person, I’m sure, who loves reading and talking about stuff she reads and drinking coffee, probably. 

Jane lives in the nether because she’s not real. She has a byte-size family of many pixels. She’s happy there.

Karyl Williams

Twitter | Goodreads

Bio coming soon!