Book(ish) Humans in the Time of COVID-19

Does it count as a hiatus if we didn’t go anywhere?

Well, I sort of did. Being a military family, it’s not unusual to find myself apart from my spouse — temporary duty (TDY) and deployment are not unknown circumstances to us. But having my spouse be on TDY in another state when a pandemic is declared and our local schools are unexpectedly closed for the rest of the academic year? That’s definitely a new one.

We decided to quickly travel back to our family home (where we have extended family who can help if things get dire, even though we’re being careful about maintaining quarantine) and that of course meant all the work that comes with setting up a house at the last minute. (And it’s been a lot of work, but: the privilege that I have to be able to do something like this is absolutely not lost on me. So many people can’t.)

Anyway. Three weeks on (has it only been three weeks?) and we’re settling. I miss my partner. I’m still working full-time (or as full-time as one can be with 3 children at home). We’re all going stir crazy. Schooling my children at home during all of this is, um — well, saying it’s a joke seems harsh, but that’s surely better than the other four letter words swirling around in my head?

All this to say: Book(ish) Humans is still going! We’re having a brief hiatus while we all adjust to the new normal. Animal Crossing: New Horizons may also be playing a part in this short break, I’m not gonna lie. But we’re still here.

I don’t know when the next post will be, honestly, but there will be more posts, because there will always be more stories.

Hang in there, my loves. Stay home if you’re able. Read books. Watch TV. Play video games. Imagine new worlds. And then tell me all about it.

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